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About DeHua
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    Suzhou Dehua Ecological Environment Technology Co., Ltd. (Dehua) is a Sino-German joint venture and technology-based enterprise committed to ecological water treatment. The company was established in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in 2008. It awarded the honorable title of national high-tech enterprise, provincial gazelle enterprise, leading talent enterprise in SIP, and Suzhou Foreign Expert Studio. The company has 67 constructed wetland patents in China, including 15 invention patents.

    Dehua focuses on constructed wetland, providing full cycle services for analysis, planning, design, construction, operation, and data management of ecological engineering projects. Its application areas include non-point source pollution control, wastewater treatment plant polishing, black and odorous river water treatment, and rural domestic sewage treatment.

    The company works closely with international technology platforms, including German Ecological Engineering Society (IÖV) and Global Wetland Technology (GWT). Based on their 40 years of knowledge and experience, the company maintains continuous innovation.

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