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Our business
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Core technology:

The German constructed wetland technology is the core technology of our company. Eco projects are done based on holistic ecosystem concept and intelligent planning. Our projects are mainly focused on domestic wastewater treatment, polluted channel restoration, and tertiary treatment of industrial wastewater. Other fields include wetland roof, rainwater treatment and reuse, natural swimming pool and regional eco planning.


Technological advantages

· Holistic approach

 Holistic approach is applied for eco projects. With systematic information and quality management, we provide clients with integrated solutions for their environment problems.

 · Environment friendly

 Low carbon emission, energy efficient, no secondary pollution, and material cycling.
 With a combination of various wetland cells, suitable for different wastewater with high treatment efficiency

 · High tech

 Project specific planning and design
 Adaptable to different climate condition from high temperature to cold regions.
 Good further treatment from industrial wastewater treatment plant 

 · Long term

 More than 30 years of experience in Germany
 Stable, simple, and low cost operation

 · Multi-functional

 Ecological friendly, good landscape, 
 Can transform wasteland to wetland garden, with design matching the town landscape
 Economic plants can be used as part of the wetland


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