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About DeHua
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    The German Ecological Engineering Society (IÖV) is a platform for expertise promotion, knowledge sharing and joint projects for the topic of ecological engineering in the German speaking countries. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It was founded 1993, its headoffice being in Augsburg. In order to promote and apply German know-how in the field of ecological-engineering in China, the German Ecological Engineering Society (IÖV) has established a branch office in Suzhou, China since 2008.

    It is members and working groups have profound experiences since more than four decades for eco-technologies like constructed wetlands, integrated watershed management, integration of water and landscape and eco-city and eco-village-planning, both in implemented projects and research and development. IÖV officially publishes guidelines and standards, such as the German Standards for Constructed Wetlands, helps spreading the respective knowledge by workshops, conferences, publications etc. 

    Learn more: www.ioev.de


    Global Wetland Technology (GWT) is an association, currently registered in France, of the worlds leading experts in the design, construction and operation of wetland treatment systems.

    GWT was created by individuals who were pioneers in the wetland treatment field, contributing to the collective body of information now termed "constructed wetlands". By combining the results of their individual research and development efforts, GWT founders realized they could greatly expand knowledge within the field and provide highly customized cost-effective wetland solutions for their clients.

    Dehua company is the only partner of GWT in China. 

    Learn more: www.globalwettech.com


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